I don’t like my title. “Half way” can mean so many things. If my title shows up in anyone’s reader (if anyone even subscribes) they aren’t going to know what I am talking about. I could be talking about the half way point in a deployment. (Thank heaven above we aren’t.) I could be talking about half way through my husband’s current orders. (We are, but I am not talking about that either.) I could be talking about being half way to crazy town. (I am so past that, friends.) No, I am not talking about any of those things. You guessed it. We are half way through our school year.

This means that I need to sit down and do first semester grades for the Sophomore. This is the last thing that I feel like doing. Fortunately for me, I do keep fairly good records and it is just a matter of flipping through my planner and finding the mean. I just don’t want to do it. I don’t know why that is either. Huh. Yep, I don’t know.

This also means that I need to reflect on what has been working and what hasn’t. I also want to see how far I have drifted from the original plan. Sometimes this is not a very good idea, but I am going to do it anyway. If you are so inclined, you may go refresh your memory here.

 It is kind of exciting to see that we are not that far off what I had planned. We are on track for Bible, Latin, Math, Science, and History. He takes an English class with a high school English teacher turned homeschooler. I still have him reading and writing about his reading because I don’t think she does enough work to fully give him a credit. I didn’t buy the Lightning Lit. He is just picking good literature that he would like to read. Right now we are in the middle of Gulliver’s Travels.  He is not doing enough music to count as a Fine Arts credit this year, but enough that I can put it down as extracurricular. I have let it go, but it makes me sad. His touch on the piano is so nice, and he could be good if he wanted to be. He has played for church a couple of times, and I am letting it go at that. Maybe someday he will come back to. It is unfortunate because our organist wants him to learn organ so bad. She is asking me all the time, “Did he change his mind yet?” I tell her no. I could force him, I suppose, but it isn’t worth it. He is taking an Intro to Engineering class right now with an engineer homeschool dad. It is awesome, and he loves it. What a treat that this man is taking the time to teach these kids a little about engineering. I couldn’t teach him anything about pressurized water reactors even if I wanted to.

As for Kit Kat, she is awesome! She is on track for everything that I planned and is doing it well! I am so proud of her. She did struggle with the Algebra a bit as I knew deep down that she would. You know how I handled that, and she has been making A’s ever since. I am so proud of her. Science is her thing. She is enjoying the Apologia Physical Science book. She doesn’t seem to mind the conversational tone as much as the Sophmore does. And reading! She is reading up a storm. This is my girl that wasn’t much into reading. Lately I am always finding her with a book in her hand.  I don’t have much to say about her except that she is really surprising me lately. She has stepped up to the plate in so many areas. She has really matured this year.

And Freckle Face. He is doing very well. I didn’t make much of a plan for him. We just do the next thing with a lot of reading and narration. His writing is getting better and so is his reading. I don’t spend any time on creative writing. None. He can write creatively all he wants in his own time, and he does. He is happy and enjoying homeschooling again. The attitude which we had last year is gone. Every now and then it creeps in, but we squash it quickly. He doesn’t miss school. For that, I am glad.

Now that I have spent the morning reflecting on the first half of the year, I must get to the second half. Latin pronouns await me.