We spent the day at the Pacific Science Center. They have a special Harry Potter exhibit right now, and since all my kids love Harry Potter we dropped the dough to go and see it. It was very cool. I am not sure that it was worth as much as they wanted, but I am still glad that we went. The best part was  seeing all the wands up close. Now, when I read the books I didn’t imagine everyone’s wand to be quite so unique. The producers of the movie did. It was neat to see the different designs on the wands. Remember. The wand chooses the wizard. The worst part was the gift shop. It  was highway robbery to say the least. I suppose this goes without saying. They wanted $45 for Marauder’s Map. $45! If you wanted some Harry Potter spectacles be prepared to drop $70. You want a miniature version of the Triwizard’s Cup. Wait for it. Yes! $179.00. Believe me. It wasn’t that special.

Wait. Take that back. The worst part was that I couldn’t take any pictures. I know! Can you believe that? Freckle Face looked so cute sitting in Hagrid’s chair. And the Mandrakes were fun. Would have liked to have a picture of the kids pulling up the Mandrakes. But it was not to be.

I did, however, get to take pictures in the butterfly house. I love the butterfly house. I could spend a hour in the butterfly house. It is warm and humid, and big, beautiful butterflies fly around and land on you. It is lovely.

Hungry butterflies. They don’t look so pretty sitting here, but the inside of their wings is a brilliant blue. Gorgeous. I tried to capture one of them. The following is the best I could get.

There was probably a hundred or more of these flying around. I don’t know their name. The husband was walking around with the ID paper. I was too busy taking pictures.

My girl. She is so pretty. Her braces match the butterfly.

My favorite.