Freckle Face has had his casts off since the middle of November. It has been a fun couple of months. The day the casts came off, he was able to stand on his feet right away. He wasn’t sure what to make of it. He stands for a minute and he says, “It feels like my heels are being pulled down. Do you always feel like that?” It had to be a strange feeling for him. His bare heels had not touched the ground in years. We put his shoes on, and we slowly made our way down the hall with all the nurses looking and cheering him on. It was nice.

The walk to the car was slooooow. He had to think about each and every step. He also tells us that he can feel all the bumps in the ground. The first couple of days ended up being frustrating and entertaining all at the same time. He avoided walking around as much as he could. I think he was nervous to walk around on his feet, but my Freckle Face can’t be kept down for long.

Every day is getting better. Every week at physical therapy it is his best week ever. He loves to hear that. Today he was running around with his friends. I was watching him and he is almost running with a normal gait pattern. It is exciting! I love to see him do that. I love to see how far he has come in just 3 months. Sitting here thinking about it, I realize that we are already half way into the recovery period. How did that happen? When the doctors tell you that it is a 6-12 month recovery it sounds so long, but here we are 3 months into it already. Wow.

We still have a lot to do. He still has a lot of exercises to do everyday. He still has to wear his orthotics every day for a couple of hours, and he has to stretch his tendons every day. I won’t lie. Some days we are better about it than other days. It will be interesting to see how things go the next few months. I still watch him carefully expecting him to pop up on his toes. When the casts were first removed, he couldn’t stand on his toes. But now that he is regaining muscle strength he can get on his toes. It makes me nervous, but the surgeon assured us that Freckle Face would be fixed forever. I pray that he is right.

According to Freckle Face, the best part is that no one is telling him to get off his toes anymore. He just wants to be like everyone else and is happy that he is getting there.