I have been thinking a lot about this blog. I had been thinking that I would cease all blogging. I am not much of a writer, you see. I would rather do 100 Algebra problems than write an essay. Then, WordPress sent me this “How healthy is your blog” email. They tried to tell me that my blog is healthy and I should keep up the good work. Ha!

I haven’t posted anything in over a month. I haven’t even had the desire to write anything. I wouldn’t call that healthy, but it was quite interesting to see my most popular posts. My most popular posts were about my wide feet. Yes, my feet. It seems that there is a large number of women with wide feet that have trouble finding cute shoes. It is nice to know that I am not alone in the world, but I find it sad that my most popular posts were about my ugly feet.

My next most popular post were my posts that had to do with homeschooling particularly math and high school posts. Interesting. Who knew that such a large number of people would like to read my whines and rants about home schooling high school, but they do. I was starting to feel that I was becoming a complainer. I don’t want to be a complaining blog because, as hard as homeschooling can be at times, I don’t want to be a complainer even if it is just on the internet. That gets old.

I did find it surprising that my military posts were not well read unless you count the commissary ones. I guess all military wives can commiserate when it comes to the commissary. The truth is that I don’t care much for blogging military style. Oh, I like to read military blogs just fine, but writing about it doesn’t appeal to me much. In the world of the military, we are on the older side especially among the enlisted ranks. I know for certain that my husband’s younger co-workers think we are old. I know. I know. I am not old. However, I remember being 22 and those closing in on 40 were old. And remember some of these co-worker’s parents are not much older than we are. That creeps them out. Sheesh, it bothers me a little bit. My husband is getting near retirement. ( He could have retired last year. Is he going to retire? That is anyone’s guess.) I just don’t seem to fit in much with military blogosphere out there, and I am all right with that.

So, I arrive again at the question of where to go from here. I think my best best is to continue blogging about my wide feet and homeschooling.  People that I run into on the street seem to always have a lot of questions about my little homeschool here. I am not sure what makes them think that I am any kind of expert in the matter, but I do know that people like to know what other people are doing. And so, if I am to contine with this blog of mine, I will probably focus mostly on homeschooling with little bits of my daily life. You know, like a story about how I fell in the mall or something.  Do expect posts bemoaning Latin and English essays. Maybe I will even bring out my camera and capture the kids tackling one of their labs. I will go ahead and try this again and see where it goes. Welcome back!