To study or not to study-that is the question

Whether ’tis beneficial to skip

The studies that trouble us so

Or to enter the test

And, by studying, do well. To skip, to play

No more-and by skipping to say we endure

The bad grade and the grounding

That comes with it. To skip, to play-

To play, perchance to have fun. Aye, there’s the rub.

For in playing what consequences we may encounter

When we have forgotten our studies,

Must we remember. There’s the reason

That destroy’s one’s rewards.

For who would want to study,

Pour over each and every book, endure the average student’s name calling,

Live the long hours at night, the drifting mind,

The missing of video games, and the good grades

The person who does not study takes

When he cheats off my paper

With a quick glance? Who would take the initiative

To stare and look at boring books,

But the fear of failing the test,

The dark trench from whence F’s come,

Punishments ensue, ruins college chances,

And lowers an already low self-esteem

When we could have studies that short time.

Thus fear of failing does make scholars of us all

And thus the enjoyment of freedom

Is crushed by the learning that rules us all,

And the game of flourishing graphics and storylines

With this regard is turned off

And loses the enveloped player.

Written by my Sophomore.