We are now 2 months into our second year of this insane journey we like to call “homeschooling high school”. My oldest, as you know, is a Sophomore, and while my daughter is only in 8th grade, she has reached first year high school work in some of her classes. I suppose that I can say that I have two high schoolers. At least it is two kids in my house doing high school level work anyway.

I have realized something this year. Something  I probably realized  last year, but this year it is smacking me in the face over and over again. It is kind of hard to ignore now. I have realized that homeschooling high school requires me to be “on” every day. All day. Sometimes even at night. Throw a 4th grader into the mix, and it is a recipe for insanity. In fact, I think that I may be there already. It might be the coffee, but I am pretty sure it is the homeschooling.

I remember the good ‘ole days of homeschooling my small children. We could skip a day here and there and it didn’t matter. We easily caught up. Don’t feel like doing math? Let’s make cookies! We can learn about fractions as we measure the ingredients. Yes, those were the good days. Now days, my son is studying factoring, distance problems, line equations. Put that into a recipe. Exactly. We have to do the math. Next, I have to correct the math. Everyday. I can not skip a day because if I skip a day, I am going to miss he still doesn’t get that elimination problem. Then, he is going to take the test and he is going to get it wrong, and whose fault is that? It would be mine and not his. Why? Because I wanted to play on Facebook instead of correcting his math. This goes for Kit Kat and Freckle Face as well. 

I also have to do a lot of reading. I want my kids to read good literature. I want them to learn to write about good literature. This means that I have to know what the blazes they are writing about. This is my least favorite part of homeschooling. I like to read, but I dislike writing about it. I have never been good at it. So, now not only do I have to read books that I don’t care to read, but I also have to read and discuss their papers with them. The horrors!

Then there is Latin. Six years ago I chose Latin for my kids. Never mind that I didn’t know Latin. We will learn it together. I bought Latina Christiana 1 and away we went. Things were fine. Fast forward a few years and it is much harder now. My oldest had to teach himself much of the time, but I told him that it would build his character. This year, I told myself I would catch up to him and we would work on it together. I have caught up. It is a million times easier to grade his papers and help him on his work now that I know what I am doing. The bummer is that I have to spend at least 4 hours a week on my Latin.

Are you starting to see my reality here? Homeschooling high school is stinking hard. Every day it is hard. Some days are better than others. Throw in a few teenage hormones, and it can be a recipe for disaster. Throw in a little boy that is walking around in casts and tearing up your hard wood floor, and it is a nightmare. I now know why so many people put their kids in high school, but I can do this. It isn’t a great, big mystery. It is just a lot of work. It is my full time job.

Now, I am going to post this without proofreading because I need to listen to Freckle Face read to me and I have math papers to grade. Please don’t judge me.