Freckle Face finally had his tendon lengthening done. It was done on Tuesday at a local children’s hospital. No, we didn’t use the military facility because I am more comfortable having him seen by the same doctors every single time. The surgery went all right. He had to have both his strayers and his achilles tendons lengthened. Unfortunately, this was not enough to get him to the 90 degrees that he needs to be. He will be seeing the surgeon soon to try to get the last little bit after he heals some. That won’t be very fun.

Freckle Face was very nervous the morning of the surgery. The nurses all did their best to put him at ease. They have a social worker type nurse that visits with the kids before the surgery and shows them pictures and goes through all the steps. Freckle Face didn’t want to hear any of it. She later told us that he was an avoidance coper. I had to laugh. Give me a break. He is nervous already. He doesn’t want to talk about it. Maybe I am an avoidance coper too? We met with the anesthesiologist. I could tell that talking to the kids was not his favorite part of the job, but I don’t care. Keep my kid safe in your care while he is asleep. That is all I care about. The surgeon came in and asked Freckle Face what color casts he wanted. Freckle told him one green and one blue. I think the surgeon was feeling artistic this morning because his feet are very colorful

The surgeon was very pleased with himself.

We came home late in the afternoon. It was a long day. Freckle Face was a trooper. I am very proud of him. He isn’t moving around much yet. The surgeon made it sound like Freckle Face would be running around in no time. This is not going to be the case. He can’t even stand yet. I know that I need to give it a little more time, but the surgeon made it sound so easy. It is not easy. He doesn’t even know how to stand on his flat feet. Did anyone think of that? I know I didn’t. His balance is off and it hurts.

I am glad that we did the surgery. I only regret not doing it sooner. I wish that I had listened to my gut. I wish that I had pushed for it sooner. Moms just know these things. Moms know their kids. For now, I will watch Freckle Face play his DS and Webkinz. Our friends have been wonderful. He has had lots of visitors and gifts. He is feeling loved and cared for. That has made all the difference for him.