The husband has spent the last two weeks at school. At this school, he had to take a personality test. He discovered his personality. It was so dead on that I googled a freebie test for myself. I went here to take the test.

Granted, this is a freebie test and probably not very accurate, but I was not looking for accuracy. I was looking for a way to waste a little time, and I wanted to see if I had the same personality type as my husband.

My type was ISFJ. It was not the same type as my husband, but close. There are some things that are definitely me and some things that are not. And since I was doing this for fun, who really cares? But, I will share with you anyway. ‘Cause it’s fun.

Things that I agree with…

  • ISFJ’s have a strong sense of duty- Yes. This is me to a T.  I do things because it is the right thing to do. There are many things that I do because I feel that it is part of what I should be doing in whatever role I happen to be in. I think it is a good thing.
  • ISFJ’s are friends you can count on-  I hope that this is true of me.
  • ISFJ’s avoid conflict. -BINGO. Every single time. 
  • ISFJ’s spend a lot of time worrying about gifts- And I thought this was a personal flaw. I worry so much about what gift to give in whatever situation that I know I make people crazy talking about it. I always want to give the “perfect” gift, and it stresses me out when I don’t know what it is.
  • ISFJ’s tend to be punctual- Oh yeah, I can’t be late if I try. Seriously. And I have tried. Believe me. I am always the first to arrive anywhere. I have decided that this is a good thing. I always get parking.
  • ISFJ’s do not like a lot of change. – Why, oh why, did I marry a sailor?

Things I disagree with…

  • ISFJ’s do not like to waste  time- Not me. I have no problem wasting 30 minutes playing Bejeweled on Facebook. Or surfing the internet. Or reading poorly written romance novels. Nope no problem at all. I may feel a little guilty, but it soon passes.
  • ISFJ’s like an orderly home- Now that is just funny. I can’t see the top of my kitchen island right now. It bothers me, but not enough to make me want to get up and clean it off.
  • ISFJ’s hide their distress- Not me. When I am distressed I rehash it with anyone that will listen to me. Poor people. I do feel bad about it if that counts for anything.

Overall, if I believed in such things, this personality type does fit me. It bothers me that this personality type is seen as a “doormat”. That tag seems so negative. Like I would let people walk all over me. Maybe one time I did, but I have learned to steer clear of such people. Remember, I don’t like conflict. I like the “nurturer” description better. Although, when I am yelling at the kids to go play video games and give me two blessed minutes to myself, I don’t think it fits me so much.

I think personality can change over time. I was once incredibly shy. Then, my husband moved me overseas where I had to learn to talk to people who I didn’t know. I had to meet many people and talk to them, so I am not nearly as shy as I once was. I despise change, but again, since I am married to a sailor, I either had to embrace change or  drown in it. Maybe I will take the test again later and see if my personality changes. Then again, does it matter?