I have tried to get a blog post going on this silly blog of mine, and it just hasn’t come. I have had a serious case of writer’s block. Not that I would call myself a writer, mind you, but the words sure are blocked. Sometimes when life happens, blogging doesn’t.

 I am sitting here  this morning and drinking coffee from a coffee pot that a friend brought to me last night. She rang my bell late at night and shoved the box in my hands. It was such a suprise! It made my week. So thoughtful of her.

Let me grab another cup and give you my weekly report. Or would it be tri-weekly?

  • In math, the kids are doing OK. My kids continue to make silly mistakes. I refuse to believe that it is the curriculum. It isn’t Saxon’s fault that they don’t pay attention to all the signs or make a silly addition error. I correct their papers and hand them back for corrections.
  • Latin is going pretty well. I am nearly caught up with The Sophomore. I have been working so much on Latin that I sometimes think in its sentence structure. Believe me.It isn’t that awesome, but it is rewarding. A big shout out to Pastor R for being available to the Sophomore to answer his questions!
  • Chemistry. The Sophomore calibrated his thermometer, and Freckle Face promptly broke it. I will purchase another thermometer. Sophomore wanted to know if he has to calibrate that one. Um, yeah. I didn’t realize how much I have forgotten of my Chemistry. He is working on the q equation. (mass * calorie* change in Temp) It isn’t my favorite part of Chemistry. Can we just get to balancing equations? I like that.
  • Physical Science. Kit Kat is doing very well for the most part. I think physical science is kind of boring, but she seems to like it. She learned about the ozone, oxygen in the atmosphere (we couldn’t get the cool experiment to work, so we watched it online), and humidity. She really enjoyed the humidity part. She  is excited to understand the Weather Channel’s “Real Feel”. I aim to please.
  • Freckle Face does science at co-op. It is bare bones science, but I don’t care. He has been reading lots of books on mammals and other Usborne science books that we own. When he has questions, we look them up. Ta-da! Science.
  • Religion. The Sophomore has been working his way through Luther’s Large Catechism. Luther sure does have  a lot to say about the 4th commandment. The first commandent with a promise. Kit Kat is working on the 1-3 commandments the Small Catechism with Pastor for confirmation class. Freckle Face is up to the flood in Bible History.
  • History. The bane of my homeschooling. The Sophomore read about Julian and a few others who came after him. He is studying the end of the Roman Empire. We are both ready to move on. Kit Kat and Freckle Face read about the fight for Afghanistan and Matthew Perry’s travel to Japan. Freckle Face is learning his oceans and continents because somehow that was missed in earlier grades.
  • English. Freckle Face aced his Chapter 1 test. He promptly told me that English is his least favorite subject. I am not sure how that is possible since he is doing so well.  Kit Kat finished Ch. 2 of the 7th grade R&S book. She is also reading Treasure Island and not enjoying it. I can’t say it is my favorite either. What make Treasure Island a classic? She read a G.H. Chesterton short story called “The Crazy Tale”. It took me three reads before I finally got it. I don’t know where my mind was, but it sure wasn’t on the same page as Chesterton. She enjoyed it after I was able to help her understand it.  The Sophomore is almost finished with Beowulf and is reading Hamlet for his English class. We found a graphic novel of Beowulf at the library. I am not big on graphic novels, but I will make an exception for this one.

 There you have it. My proof that we are doing our school work.

Mmm..I love my coffee.