That was on the package of Taquitos that I picked up at the commissary today. Honestly, I didn’t look very close to the package. I didn’t even look a the price. The kids had requested them for dinner, and I didn’t feel like cooking. I was happy to oblige.

Then, I get home and dump the package on the cookie sheet.

Here is how the conversation went in my head…

“Hm. That is weird. These sure do look small.”

“Huh. How many are here?”

“16? You have got to be kidding me.”

“What the heck did I pay for these again?”

 “$5! I could have bought a deep-fried Twinkie for $5!”

“New Package, Same Great Taste. I get it. Translation: We need to reduce costs. Let’s make a smaller package, charge them the same, and hope they don’t notice.”

Do they think we are idiots? Seriously? Granted, I didn’t pay attention today, but did they think that I wouldn’t notice that there are 4 fewer Taquitos in my bright, newly designed package? Or that they are 3/4ths the size they used to be? I am telling you, this whole “reduce the size, but don’t change the price” campaign the manufacturers have going on is really starting to tick. me. off. 

 I don’t buy much pre-packaged food anymore, but dang it, some times I just don’t feel like cooking. If I am going to have to pay $10 for nutritionally marginal food that I don’t have to cook to feed the kids, I may as well go through the drive-through and order off the dollar menu.