It is over. The first week of school is over. It went well, and I am dog tired.

What I love so far:

  • Freckle Face is home! I love having him home again. It is so nice to watch TV in the evening and not be stressing over homework. The evening is mine to do with what I want.
  • Teaching Algebra at co-op. Granted I have only been doing it a week, but the kids are great! Algebra is great! What is not to love?
  • Lab glassware. *nerd alert* The Sophomore completed his first chem lab today. It was an easy lab, but he got to play with graduated cylinders and beakers. I love those things. I was only an observer during his lab, but I may get them out later just for fun.
  • Not having to leave in the afternoon. This one kind of goes along with Freckle Face being at home, but my afternoon is less cluttered now that I don’t have to leave the house to get him.
  • Quiet Time. LOVE this one! The kids love this one. They go to their rooms for an hour, and I get to do whatever I want for an hour. I hope we can keep this one up. It is just a good thing to have a break from each other during the day.

What needs some work

  • Freckle Face needs to learn how to wait his turn. “Ok, mom. I am done. What is next?” 30 times a day gets a little old a lot fast. He also needs to learn that I can’t help him with his math through the bathroom door. I am glad that he is fast, but he needs to allow me a little time to work with the other two. You know, when the Sophomore is having a little trouble with his Chem.
  • I need to plan better for Freckle Face. I have detailed lesson plans for the other two, but I thought that I could just “do the next thing” with Freckle. I need to have it written down so that I don’t have to think so hard.
  • I need to assign more work for Kit Kat (my girl). I went so easy on her not thinking that she was going to complete her work at the speed of light. She is a check off the boxes kind of girl. (I so wish I was.) If I give her a list of what to do, she does it. Quickly. I think that I underestimated her, the little smartie.
  • I need more sleep. I forget how much homeschooling takes out of me, but I was this tired when they were in school too. The beginning of the school year is always tough. I need to remember that I just need to get through the rough beginning.

Next week I will try to remember to take pictures..