As my son begins his second year of high school, the question of dual enrollment keeps popping up amongst my friends. Many of my local homeschooling friends have children that are a couple of years behind The Sophomore and we talk about dual enrollment a lot.

We, as in the Sophomore, my husband and I, have not decided what to do yet. We need to decide by the spring because that is the time for enrollment.

 In my area, dual enrollment is called Running Start, and the state picks up the tab on tuition. The student just has to pick up the books.  Not a bad way to save a little money. This makes it the number one argument in favor of dual enrollment. With the cost of college rising to such ridiculous figures, who doesn’t want to save a little money?

My son is also getting a little tired of listening to his mother rip apart his papers. It would be nice to have him learn from other instructors. I don’t blame him for getting tired of listening to me. Sometimes I get tired of listening to me.

I don’t really have a problem with transportation for him either. He may or may not have his license by that time (have you seen the insurance rates for teen boys?), but we live close to the bus line. He could easily grab a bus to get over to the college.

On the other hand, I do have some reservations. Community college is for adults. While I am sure that he would be able to handle the academic portion of the classes, is it necessary to put him into an environment that is made up mature adults? Although some are probably more mature than others. Lee Binz had a good article today in which she states most of my reservations.  So I will be lazy and just link to her article instead of restating them all.

So many homeschoolers are dual enrolled in my area that I feel a little self-conscious about even having reservations about it. Many homeschoolers are very successful in early college. I don’t want to hold my son back. He is pretty grounded, but I do think that two more years of maturity would be good for him.  He could even just take one or two classes at the college rather than the whole course load. It would put a few college classes on his transcript which would be nice.

Decisions. Decisions. I know that some of you have sent your kids off to dual enroll. How is it going for your high schoolers?