People close to me know that I complain frequently about the amount of TV and video games that my kids get to watch/play. The truth is that yes, I let them watch this much TV, and yes, I let them play a lot of video games. Why do I let them have this much “screen time”? (I can’t stand that term, by the way.)


I want them to leave me alone.

And there it is. My confession.

I love my kids. A lot. I have great kids. Really great kids. They are happy almost all of the time. They will do chores for me if I ask them. They won’t do them on their own, but if I ask them, they are willing. They get good grades in school. And we spend a lot of time together.

I love hanging out with my kids. We do many fun things together,  but sometimes I need them to leave me alone. Because we homeschool, we are together all the time. We definitely have the quantity thing down. They need a break from me, and I need a break from them. They love their video games and TV. During the school year, their time is more limited. This summer it has almost been a free for all, and I have been feeling a little guilty about it. I could take it away and limit their time, but truthfully, I am too lazy. I want to work on my lesson plans, read a little, and play on my computer without being asked 50 million times if they can turn on the Wii. I bypass all that and let them play.

They only have another week of freedom. I hope that they enjoy it because I am going to have to get my mean mom game face on, and it is going to mean serious withdrawls for all of us.