Freckle Face keeps us laughing. All the time. As we went about our vacation, I knew that I should have been writing down everything that he said, but I remember a few.

On a hike….

FF: What kind of tree is this again?

Me: A Pacific Madrona.

FF: Oh, yeah! I knew that it started with a B. Specific Badrona!

Of course we remember this one..

FF: Whoa! What is that smell? Was that dad?

On the way to the campground while reading the map…

FF: What exit do we need again? We just passsed twenty three zero.

Me: I think you meant two hundred and thirty.

FF: Oh yeah! That is what I meant!

After touching the hot marshmallow roaster (even though dad told him 100 times not to touch it)….

FF: Ouch! That was really hot!

Dad: Are you Ok? Did it burn you?

FF: Yeah, but I’m Ok.

Dad: Can you be trusted not to touch the metal again?

FF: Probably not.

Listening to the radio in the car. Ratt’s Lay it Down comes on (what can I say, my husband is a metal head)….

FF (singing at the top of his lungs): When in doubt…. When in doubt….

I will never be able to hear that song again without thinking of my Freckle Face singing “when in doubt” at the top of his lungs.