My son just spent the last week in Washington D.C. and Virgina Beach for the annual LYA convention. It was the first time that he has ever been on vacation without me. Let me tell you. I grew a lot this week. Everyone told me that he would be fine, and he was. Even though we were 3,000 miles apart, I learned a lot about him this week.

  • He is very respectful when it comes to all thing military. I suppose this comes with the territory. It was still good to see that it comes from within himself and not because we are making him.
  • He is considerate.
  • He isn’t as absent-minded as I thought he was. I am not being rude. He is a teenage boy, after all. A teenage boy who hasn’t had to keep track of many things. I am quite proud, actually.
  • He isn’t much into picture-taking. A week in DC and the pictures he took are mainly of the war memorials. (Back to that military thing again.) I can count the number of pictures he took on my fingers and toes.  A friend took a picture of him in front of the Capitol Building, thank goodness.
  • He isn’t into souvenirs. He didn’t buy one. Not even a postcard. “It is overpriced junk, mom.” So, he came home with most of his spending money and bought himself a new video game. I guess he knows what he wants.
  • He doesn’t mind retelling certain stories. I am sure that I am not going to hear all the hairy details of convention, but I did get to hear a few stories. I think that is fantastic. I am just really thankful that I didn’t get a “it was fine, mom”.

Who would have thought that I would learn so much about my son after a week apart? He is a good kid. This was a good test drive for the both of us. He is already looking forward to next year’s convention.