Here is the list that I came up with as we were sitting in the hallway at PSD while waiting for our names to be called for our ID cards. I would love to post my husband’s list too, but he hasn’t finished it yet. Besides, his #1 day is  before he met me, so I make his list null and void.

Here is mine…

#10- The last day of my husband’s last push~ He was an RDC (drill instructor) for 3 years. He liked it a lot. He put something like 900 recruits through boot camp. It was a fulfilling  job for him. It was hard on me, so I was ready to move on. It was a good day.

#9- Family day cruise aboard the USS John C. Stennis ~ We met the ship very early in the morning.  We sailed (this isn’t the right word) out  into the Straits of Juan de Fuca for a bit and then came home through the Puget Sound. It was fun seeing all the parts of the ship. I had never been on the ship while it was at sea. I know one thing.  The constant noise would have made me crazy. It was loud. All. The. Time.

#8- Every day that we took him dinner at RTC~ Back to the RDC thing. My husband worked many long hours. At some points during the push he would work 16-18 hours days. He would come home only to sleep. In order for the kids and I to see him a bit, we would load up in the car and take him a plate of dinner. He would come out the to car and say hi to the kids and give us a kiss. It was a way to stay close. He also preferred my cooking to galley food.

#7- Navy Marine-Corps Relief Society Spring Awards 2009 ~ This one doesn’t involve my husband so much. As Chair of Volunteers for my office, I planned the awards. They were a giant pain the neck, and I had never in my life planned anything like this. It was completely out of my comfort zone. The Spring Awards are a big deal. A lot of sweat and stress went into the luncheon and I am still apologizing to all the people who had to listen to me stress. This is going to sound very corny, but the CO gave me a coin after it was over. I had never received a coin before. I will probably never receive another one. It made my day because I wanted the lunch to be special for everyone and, in the end, it was special for me too.

#6- The day we left Singapore~ It seems strange that I would include this because I really loved our time in Singapore, but I was ready to come back to the States.  Still, I would go back to Singapore in a second.

#5- Homecoming 2002~ Homecoming is always special. Even though it was a day full of awesomeness, it was a tough homecoming day. It was HOT. It was August. In Florida. We stood on the pier for hours waiting for the ship. Then we stood on the pier for a couple more after it was in waiting for him to get off the ship. We were sweaty, sunburned, and ready to take our guy home. Still it makes it near the top of the list. It was homecoming after all.

#4- Pinning Day ~ In 2002, my husband made Chief. The sailor chooses who will pin his anchors on his collar. I pinned one and my kids pinned the other. I won’t tell you that he was almost late for his own pinning because he fell asleep on the couch. It doesn’t matter that he had no sleep the night before. He was almost late. I was waiting in the ball room wondering where he was. Everyone wanted to know where he was. There was a reason we didn’t ride together, but I don’t remember it now. I just remember the stress, the relief when he showed up, and the excitement of pinning on his anchor.

#3- Homecoming Day 2007~ This one grabs the number 2 spot because my kids and my dad were on the ship when it pulled into port. It was very cool to see them up on the ship standing next to their dad. Plus, it had been 8 months. Double plus, he just looks so darn handsome in his dress whites.

#2- Homecoming Day 1994 ~ This homecoming gets the number 2 slot because it was a very special homecoming. Not only was it our first homecoming, but this deployment was completed with only letters and a few phone calls thrown in for good measure. There was no email to the ship. There were no satellite phones. Instead,  I waited for the postman every day. Most days there were no letters, but some days I had 3 or more. We had a competition to see who would write the most letters. I won with over 90. We still have them all. We also went two months without any communication at all. No letters arrived and no phone calls were made. I was also expecting our first child. I was almost 8 months pregnant when he came home. He would be home for the birth of his first child.

#1-  This slot is reserved for his retirement day. I don’t know when it will be, but I know that it is going to be the best Navy day of them all.