I don’t really have much to say, but I have to move that last depressing post from the top spot. I am feeling better about things today. The physical therapist called and he doesn’t think Freckle Face needs the knee braces. I am ALL for that. He is going to go to bat for me with Dr. C. I know they just won’t get worn, so I am not going to sweat it.

So, lets talk about the 4th. Happy Independence Day, America!! How do you celebrate? We have a family picnic and pretty much do nothing. Some years we let off fireworks. However, the weather isn’t all that great this year, so we may pass. It is possible that we may drive into town to watch the fireworks, but I don’t know about that yet either. There is much discussion happening at the Tressa household on that matter. I don’t like crowds or traffic. Both of which remove all the beauty from the fireworks for me. I am alone in this sentiment and may lose the fireworks battle. We will see.

Let’s talk PSD. PSD as in Personnel Support Detachment otherwise known as the place where I get my ID card. Two and a half hours, my friends, two and a half hours. That was the time we spent waiting in the hallway for the woman to call our name so that we could get new ID cards. ID cards that are going to expire again in 8 months. (This is what happens when you are getting close to retirement and you play with the calendar.)It was made known to us that they are now taking appointments. That is wonderful news! I will be making an appointment for next time. Do you know what gets me about the whole PSD thing? There can be a roomful, and I mean roomful, of people waiting and they don’t work any faster. It would make me insane to work in an environment where there are 20 people at all times waiting for my services. On a positive note, sitting in the hallway makes for some great people watching, and my husband and I came up with our top 10 Navy days in our marriage.(His days are different than mine. He had an Israel port visit as #1. What is up with that?) I may post on that later.

Let us talk Settlers of Catan. Who plays it? I bought it at a garage sale recently for $3. Brand new in the package. What a deal! We just finished playing it. The husband and I won. We were on a team because he had never played before. We won. That makes me 3 for 3. The Sophomore ( I gave him his new name) was highly irritated which made the win even better. Freckle Face had the longest road, so in his eyes he won. My girl had trouble the whole game. Strategic placing is very important. I told her there was a lesson in there somewhere. She was not amused.

Let us talk calorie counting. I have been counting my calories lately. There is a certain number on the scale that make my eyeballs hurt. My body hit that number awhile ago. Then, I passed it. Then, I had to go buy new clothes because I grew. Then, I started counting calories. I am down four pounds and now my eyeballs aren’t hurting so bad anymore. Counting calories  is all right. It made me cranky the first week, but I am adjusting. And, sit down before you read any further….you ready? I am exercising. Yes! I know! I can’t believe it either. I can actually run a half of a mile. Scary, I know, but true. I am not going to tell you how great I feel because I don’t really feel all that great. I want a Oreos. A whole package of Oreos. I think the people that say they feel great because they exercise are fibbing a little because they want the rest of us to be as miserable as they are. Yep. I am on to them.  Did I mention how much I hate counting calories?

That is what has been happening around the Tressays household. If I the sun ever comes out I am going to take a picture of it and post it here. I have forgotten what it looks like. Maybe I should move to Hawaii.