Freckle Face had an appointment with Dr. C today. He hasn’t been to see Dr. C in almost two years. I can’t believe that it has been that long. It was too long. Dr. C is always pleasant to talk to. I know the man is very smart, and he always puts Freckle Face at ease. Well, as long as he isn’t putting needles in the back of his legs.

It didn’t take but a minute for Dr. C to shake his head in defeat. Freckle Face has won. If you want to call it winning. His range in one foot is at -10. That is where he was when we first started this journey over 4 years ago. The doctor went on to tell me that he usually gets on the parents because he can tell when they aren’t doing the stretching, but he let me off the hook because he said that Freckle Face is past the point of stretching. Stretching will not help him any longer. I admitted to him that we are very bad about doing stretching exercises, but he gave me the get out of jail free card. I wouldn’t have been able to stretch him even if I wanted to.

The bummer is that his hamstrings are now getting tight. This is not good, but common in cerebral palsy, which Dr. C still thinks Freckle Face has (He does. He doesn’t. Personally, I don’t care anymore. Just fix him.). He will not need hamstring lengthening, thank God, but he will need to sleep in knee immobilizers to keep his legs straight while he sleeps. Doesn’t that sound like fun times? We will also need to make sure to stretch his hamstrings.

Because of all of this, it is time for Freckle Face to visit the orthopedic surgeon. Dr. C threw out a name, but I know nothing about this doctor. I am anxious to have a conversation with him, but I have a feeling that I already know how the conversation is going to go.

My husband is concerned that if we do the surgery now we will only have to revisit it in later years. I voiced this concern to Dr. C. He agrees that it is possible that we may be here in the future, but Freckle Face is now in danger of damaging his knees and his hips because in order for him to maintain his balance on flat feet he has to kick his knees back and twist his hip. Cut the heel cord to save his knees his now the name of the game.

I am glad that we are moving forward. For the past year, I have felt that we have hit a wall. That no one knows what to do with him anymore, so we have waited. And waited. And lost anything that we had gained. So, we get to ride this crazy roller coaster awhile longer. It is too bad that I am ready to get off.