So, my friends, the plan was to take a couple weeks off and continue with a wee bit of school here and there. You know, just to stay fresh. Plus, the Freshman isn’t quite finished with his Latin for the year.

Yet, here I stit at 8 AM, drinking tea, and enjoying the peace and quiet. I also have no desire to bring out any of the books. I also have no desire to purchase the books for next year. However, I do have a wish list at Rainbow Resource. That should count for something.

This is what summer is supposed to be about. Right? I also mistakenly believed that the kids would be sitting around doing nothing, and that hasn’t happened either. In fact, I need to get going so I can drive the Freshman to the church to do a little yard work.

Maybe summer school will happen. I don’t know. My summer is flying by already. Next weekend is the 4th of July, people. The 4th of July!! I think that I will just live in summer awhile longer. Thank you very much.