The last year before high school.  It is enough to send me into an anxiety attack. No, wait. I am already there. Who am I kidding?

Let’s just get to it, shall we? Heaven knows that I am upset enough about it already.

Bible~ This is her last year of confirmation. She will be confirmed on Palm Sunday next year. It is a big deal and means that she will be memorizing large parts of the small catechism. I probably won’t add much to it. Maybe a little Bible History. I have the book already. I would probably add it as a read aloud to be done with her brother.

Math~ Oh, this one kind of pains me. She is finishing up Saxon 8/7 right now. She should be moving into Algebra 1 next year. In fact, I am teaching Algebra 1 at a co-op next year, and she cried, begged and pleaded to be in my class. Before you think it is because of her attachment to me, let me share that it is only because she doesn’t want to take the Washington State History class offered at the same time. Even though I discovered her plan, I did sign her up for my class. I don’t know yet if that was the right decision. I would rather her just do it at home at her own pace.

English~ Rod and Staff 8. I had hoped not to go here, but she needs it. I will probably make my oldest do some of it with her. That will ease her pain somewhat.

Literature~ Lightning Lit 8. I am just too lazy tocome up with my own lit plans, so this is it. I am a sucker for a syllabus. What can I say?

History~ I am not 100% sure on this one. I am thinking that I may use Story of the World 4 and do it with Freckle Face too. I was flipping through it while at the library the other day, and it was OK. I want to get her used to outlining this year and writing longer narrations. We haven’t done much in this time period. I think it could be a good thing.

Science~ Exploring Creation with Physical Science. I have never used this book, but Donna Young’s schedules make it so easy to implement at home. Regardless of how I feel about their conversational tone, she seems to like it. I think it is a fine fit for her.

Latin~ She will begin Henle 1 using the Mother of Divine Grace syllabus.(See, I told you I was a sucker for a syllabus.) However, we are going to take 2 years to do it. She is pretty good at Latin. All the more reason to stay with Rod and Staff.

Fine Arts~ She has been taking flute lessons from a friend of mine this year, and I hope that she continues. I have let her slack off on the piano because she is at the misearable age where everyone wants to quit. I am hoping that she will sit down and play again like the Freshman did. If not, I may force it again, but I would rather not.

That is it. I hope that she will want to run track again. Other than that, it should be plenty to keep her busy.