Those were the words that my daughter said to her father in the car on the way to her confirmation class. Apparently, I am not doing enough “fun” stuff for her. I didn’t realize that I needed to schedule art. I thought that if she really wanted to make something, she could go into the closet and and create something.

Or not.

Thank goodness for Deep Space Sparkle. Right on the front page of the blog there is a cute art project for a winter cardinal. And wonder of all wonders, I had all the supplies listed. I had blue tempera paint from a project that I was going to do years ago. Yes, years. Thank goodness that I never threw it away.

She enjoyed the project. It was easy enough that I didn’t have to be too involved, and there was enough painting required to make her happy.

I think that her project turned out nice. She signed it and hung it in her room. Now she can’t miss art anymore. I should have at least 3 months before I have to come up with something else. At least.