Freckle Face had a science fair at his school. He asked the question “Why doesn’t the Puget Sound freeze?” I thought this was a fabulous question since I have to answer it every time we drive home from school in the winter time.

His hypotheis: The salt in the water warms it up. (cute!)

I helped him to develop his own experiment. He took 4 cups of water and added varying amounts of salt. One cup he left salt free. He then put them in the freezer to simulate freezing temperatures. He checked them every 15 minutes and took the temperature of the water. He noticed quickly that the salt didn’t warm the water up since the temperature of the water fell every time he checked on them.

His cup that didn’t have any salt froze quickly. The cup with the largest amount of salt never froze. He then made his observations that the salt didn’t warm the water up, but instead changed the freezing temperature of the water.

I was very proud of him. I stayed at the school to watch his presentation. He gave a fine presentation.  He didn’t make it to the next round of competition, but  if they had judged on cuteness alone, I think that he would have passed through effortlessly.