I haven’t blogged in awhile because, frankly, I just haven’t felt like it much. I would start posts and delete them. Then, the power cord to my laptop broke, and I have had to use my kids’ computer which is painfully slow.

We had the warmest January on record. My tulips are up. Early spring flowers are beginning to bloom, and I have seen some pink blossoms on more than a few trees. I sincerely hope that this doesn’t indicate another scorching summer for us. I do feel that I have been cheated out of winter. You see, I need winter. I love to wear sweaters and long pants. It hides so much more. No one can my jiggly arms if they are covered in a sweater.

School is going fine. We are getting quite a bit done. It makes such a difference when you stay home and actually work on it. My husband gave The Freshman a new challenge. I was not a part of this, and I still am not sure if I agree with it or not, but it has been made. If The Freshman scores a 90% average on all his work every week for the remainder of the year we will stick our old, junky TV in his room.

Again. Still not sure if I am on board with this or not, but a fire has been lit under his backside, that is for sure. He is mantaining a 90% average as we speak.  It is early yet, though, and if I was a wagering woman, I would wager that it isn’t going to happen. That is why you see me as calm as I am.

My girl is bound and determined to get all her work done as fast as possible. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t right. It has been read and done. I get the look of disgust when I suggest that she rework her problems. Like I am the crazy one. How in the world can she be wrong?

Toby, our cat, went on a diet. We were told to cut his food in half. We were told he was a prime candidate for diabetes. My cat will never get insulin shots, so we went ahead and put him on the diet. Oh. My. Goodness. He is making us all crazy with his crying and whining. If anyone stands up from anywhere in the house, he makes a beeline for the food bowl as if we are all here to serve him.  And he began pooping out of his box. He has never done that before. I would say that he was pretty ticked off.  After one month of this craziness, he hadn’t lost any weight. We have decided that he must be big boned. What else does an indoor cat have to look forward to anyway? He gets two scoops of food again. We are all much happier.

Freckle Face finally saw the physical therapist again. The physical therapist recommeded serial casting on one foot. No botox. (Like that matters. We all know how I feel about that.) I was on board with it, but now I am not so sure. He wore his night boots for several hours the last two days and he is in pain when he takes them off. I am not sure I am ready to subject him to that much pain by putting him through a 24/7 stretch in a cast. I will discuss it more with his physical therapist.  This whole thing brings me up close and personal with the term “spinning your wheels”.

Just one more thing. Facebook is evil. I loathe Facebook. That is all.