I am coming in a little late with my Merry Christmas, but technically, it is still the Christmas season. If my husband had any sense of romance, I would be receiving 5 gold rings today. That is OK. I have my camera. I am having a little trouble with it. I am beginning to think the last camera was not the problem, and it was operator error all along.  There is a lot to this camera. I just have to figure it all out.

On to Christmas

Freckle Face played a little piano for his school Christmas program. He played “We Three Kings”. I flustered him when I took this picture. I felt bad because he messed up and lost his place. Oh, well. I have the picture. He played the song again with me as a duet on Christmas Eve. He was fantastic.

We finally got around to painting our Christmas cookies. I convinced the Freshman that he must help. He only agreed to help when I told him that yes, he could frost mutant snowmen.

Our tree. Notice Rock Band 2 in the front?

Christmas morning in front of our church’s Christmas tree. Poor Freckle Face had his eyes clothes (clothes? haha. I meant closed). It doesn’t matter that I don’t have  photo editing software. I don’t think that you can fix that. He still looks cute.

Now we are just relaxing. The kids are playing lots and lots of Wii, and I am eating lots and lots of cookies. Enjoy this calm week before everything has to start up again.  I hope that everyone has a fabulous New Year.