I love listening to my kids practice the piano now that they are getting better and can play a greater variety of songs. The Freshman is working on Hark, the Herald Angels Sing for the Christmas Eve service. He likes it because it has a lot of 8ths in the left hand. As you can see, he easily reaches those octave intervals. It is so unfair. Now if he could resist the urge to bang them out, that would be wonderful.  I guess that is a teenage boy for you.

My girl is working on Joy to the World.  It is a difficult piece  because it is so “chordy”. (I just made up that word.) I don’t care for solo piano pieces that carry a lot of chords unless they are hymns. We are working on smooth transitions from one interval to the next and that seems to be helping. Adding the pedal has helped as well.  She seems to like the piece and that is what matters.

Freckle Face is working on We Three Kings. It is very simple. He has it down already. It comes with a duet part, and he and I play it together. He doesn’t want to play with me on Christmas Eve which is disappointing because I think we sound very nice if I may say so myself.  He has been excited about piano because he has learned to play sharps! I will take it. Anything that makes the kids excited about the piano is all right in my book.