I have been thinking that it might be time that I give up Facebook for a little while. I do believe that FB is a great tool for keeping in touch with people. I have reconnected with so many people from past duty stations, and I love that about it. I can see what they are up to and how their kids are doing.  I have felt that I am once again a part of their lives. It is as if I am a voyeur staring in their  living room windows getting bits and pieces of their lives, yet I feel as if there is something that I seem to be missing.

If I am going to be completely honest with myself, it is a huge time waster. I spend way too much time playing Bejeweled. I tell myself just one game, and before I know it, 30 minutes has passed and they are only 1 minute games! It is as if FB has stolen a little piece of my day.

And how many times does a person need to check to see how everyone is doing? I am asking this rhetorically of myself. FB is a magnet that pulls me to it just to waste a little time.  I was a Farm Town addict, and those games are fun. That is my problem. I spend too much time on those games and not enough time doing  anything worthwhile.

I just mentioned to my husband that I was giving up FB. He said, “Ok.”

“You don’t believe me?”


“I can do this.”


“Have a little faith in me,” I said.

“All righty.”

I can do this. I am sure of it because I have already replaced it with Twitter.