Aren’t they the cutest kids? You wouldn’t know by looking at this picture that he is a toe walking trouble maker, would you?

He went to the physical therapist today because he has been developing blisters on the insides of his feet. We know why it is happening. It is partly because he doesn’t tie his shoes tight enough to keep his feet from slipping around and partly because his feet slip around because he walks with such force on his toes.

He doesn’t go regularly for physical therapy anymore. (which has now proven detrimental) We mostly go when problem arise. Problems like blisters.  It has come to attention today that Freckle Face is tight again. Very tight. Tight enough that the past 3 years of botox and AFO’s have been almost for naught. Can I tell you how frustrating that is?

Here is what we are looking at according to the physical therapist. He is recommending either serial casting again or surgery. Of course, Freckle Face still needs to see the orthopedic surgeon, and the more I think about it, I think I want him to see Dr. C, the physiatrist, again before I make any decisions. It is just a matter of getting the proper referrals and all that. My husband wants firm answers before we procede. I am wondering if we will ever get firm answers. I just don’t think they know.

I, on the other hand, am ready for surgery. I didn’t think that I would be, but I am. The bummer is that it will be a few weeks in casts and then intensive physical therapy. Basically, he will need to relearn how to walk correctly. It sounds like fun times, doesn’t it? We will also have to be vigilant that he doesn’t start walking on his toes again. I do think it is time. I realize that 12 would have been a better age to avoid growth spurts, but he can’t get his feet flat again. What kind of damage is he doing to his balance and muscles while we wait? Yes, I am ready.

This is what happens with too much toe walking. The tendon get tights and before you know it, the tendon is too short and the heel can not go flat. Yes, they can grow out of it. My older two did, but they are still very tight. My oldest can not touch his toes. For those that come here looking for answers, do not let the doctor brush you off. Stretch, stretch and stretch some more for starters, and keep pushing them to give you answers.