We are out of toilet paper. How does one run out of toilet paper? (yes, I am going to the store in a minute)

The freshman bought me a Diet Pepsi today with HIS OWN MONEY!  I sent him to the store for milk. Actually, I begged and pleaded for him to go to the store for me, and he still comes back with a diet Pepsi for me. How cool is that?

The 3rd declension is still kicking my behind. I am getting better about which nouns go with with declension, but now we have moved into adjectives. It is really a pain that I don’t know my 3rd declension very well.

I have been playing lots of Christmas music on the piano. I am really working on my Jim Brickman pieces. The freshman is working on “Linus and Lucy”. It is fun to listen to that.

I did 4 loads of laundry today and I am still NOT done. I think we have too many clothes. No one should have that much laundry in the house. 

It is not fun driving on I-5 through Seattle at night in the rain.

And just for an extra bonus my girl has informed me that Christmas is only 43 days away. I really need to get in the game.