I had to think awhile for this week’s mom confession. It isn’t that I was Mrs. Cleaver. Far from it. It just seems that I seem to be a repeat offender of several of my confessions.

I will say that I did think that I was pretty awesome this week. Not because I did anything spectacular, but because I let my girl cook something for us and I didn’t get in her way. The worst part was that while she was cooking I was applauding myself silently for letting her make a mess of my kitchen instead of enjoying the time we were sharing together.  How is that for a confession?

She had been asking to make a soup that was in her American Girl cookbook. It was Cream of Carrot soup. I like Cream of Carrot soup. I had all of the ingredients, so there really was no harm. I usually put her off by telling her that I don’t have all the ingredients. I don’t know what it is. It isn’t like I keep a clean kitchen. I just like to be the one to do all the cooking. Isn’t that weird? I know there are awesome moms out there that let their girls cook their way through the day by the time they are this age, but I just can’t seem to let it go. It is a hang up of mine.

Anyway, so she made us soup. I congratulated her on the flavor. I ate my bowl, and probably would have gone back for seconds had there been any left. I told her that it was a good soup, and it was.  It is too bad that she didn’t really like it, so we chatted about how we could improve on it.

See? It wasn’t so bad. She got accolades from her father for making a tasty soup, and when I look back, I did enjoy cooking with her.  It was fun standing side by side at the stove each of us cooking our side dishes. I think that we may just have to do this again sooner rather than later.