On Thursday, Freckle Face came home from school and immediately pulled off his shoes.

“Ugh. My feet hurt bad today,” he said.

He yanked his socks off and he had a HUGE blister on his big toe. Huge. It was larger than his toe nail on the end of his toe.

I immediately called his physical therapist because I freak out when I see blisters, red spots or anything unusual on his feet. They were able to see him on Friday. They get nervous at the same things that I do.

So, we trek to the physical therapist. I brought my hubby along because I am just tired of the nonsense.

This time, however, there wasn’t any nonsense. Just a simple solution. The huge blister on his toe was caused by his shoes. His shoes. Shoes that were too small. Yes, over a size too small.  

I felt awful.  He had squeezed his little toes into shoes that were hurting his feet, and I didn’t know it. Why didn’t he tell me that his feet were all squooshed into his shoes?  I don’t buy him shoes on a regular basis. He gets new ones from the physical therapist when we switch orthotics. Come to think of it, I don’t even think I know what size he is. Isn’t that special? I think that may disqualify me from the Mother of the Year contest.

He is in new ones now. He said they feel much better but  are a bit big. I think anything will feel too big after what he was squishing his feet into.  He is going to be getting a new pair. We just have to wait for them to come in. See? I don’t even think much about it.

Yeah. Mother of the Year. That is me.