I like to check on my kids before I go to bed at night. It started when they were babies. I had to make sure they were breathing. Don’t all moms do that? They all look so beautiful when they are lying there sleeping. I don’t think they can look more peaceful.

Too bad that sometimes I don’t let them stay that way.

Sometimes when I check on them they look so precious that I have to kiss them. Then, they stir. They don’t wake up, but they will roll over or open their eyes just a smidge. I can’t help myself.

I say, “Good morning, baby, it is time to get up. Rise and shine! Daylight in the swamp!”

Sometimes I get a “ugghhhh.” Sometimes I don’t get anything. A few times I have been able to convince them that it is morning. My oldest was easiest to fool with my daughter a close second. I think Freckle Face has only been fooled once. Now, he groans at me and rolls over. He became wise fast. Doesn’t stop me from still trying on occassion.

I know it is awful, but it is a little funny. After the all the trouble they give me during the day, 5 minutes of disturbed sleep is hardly a price to pay.

Sometimes when I check on my kids, they are in the place of sleep that isn’t completely asleep but isn’t completely aware either. I will tell them that I love them and they will give me a little smile. The kind that they gave me when they were babies. So, I have to keep talking to them.

“You are so beautiful. Do you think mommy is beautiful?” I get a little nod. It is great for the self esteem.

 “Do you love your mommy?” I get another little nod.

“Is she the best mommy in the whole wide world?”  Little nods. I will take it.

 “Do you love your Daddy?” A smile and a nod. Why is daddy always the favorite? Oh, maybe because he doesn’t disturb their sleep. No. Wait. He has been an accomplice before.

“Are you going to buy mommy a big house on lots of property when you are rich and famous?”  Nothing. Bummer.

I don’t do this with my oldest because I don’t check on him anymore. I am usually hollering at him to shut off his light because I am going to bed. He needs less sleep than I do. My daughter has become wiser in her old age, and it doesn’t work so much anymore. Freckle Face will still play along if I hit it right. I figure there isn’t much time for my late night ego boosting sessions. I still will take them when I can get them.