I really should do a confession about school, but because we are only 3 days into it I don’t want to get discouraged. I am just telling myself that I am so dog tired becuase I am not in a routine yet. Yeah. That is what it is.

So, I confess. I am on a diet.

Not just any diet. A diet for prize money.

A local lady from my homeschool emailing list has set up a “Biggest Loser” competition. In order to play, I had to pay $20. I weighed in at her house, and will weigh in again in 120 days. The lady that loses the largest percentage of weight will win 75% of the money and the second place winner will win the other 25%. We have 23 ladies playing.

I am mostly playing so that I will drop those pesky 10 pounds that I gained over the summer. None of my jeans fit. That is kind of embarrassing. I figure I could have either bought a pair of jeans in a bigger size or join the competition. Joining the competition was the less depressing option.

The bummer is that I am going to have to exercise. I really, really dislike exercising just to exercise. The whole get-on-the-treadmill-to walk-to-nowhere just doesn’t excite me. I don’t mind walking trails or doing something productive, but to get sweaty just to get sweaty. Bleh. No, thanks.

The other extremely disappointing thing is there will be no Halloween candy for me. *sigh* I love Halloween candy. It is coming to the stores now too. All those lovely packages of multi-choice, bite size chocolate bars. I get hungry just thinking about it. Of course the kids will be bringing it in too. I am in a prize neighborhood for trick-or-treating.  They are always loaded when they get home, and of course, I must check all their chocolate to make sure it safe. I must be a dutiful mother after all.

Nope This year I have to be good. There is $300 on the line. That could seriously help my Christmas fund which is rather small this year, or I could just spend it on myself in a completely wasteful manner. That would be fun too. (My son’s friend brought over Rock Band the other day, and oh my, was that ever fun! I totally surprised my son since I knew most of the songs. I love shocking the kids. So, now I want it.)  All the choices I could have. I may just have to get on that treadmill. Even if I don’t win the prize, at least I would be able to get into my jeans.