We only have one more week of summer. This summer has raced past me. Many things that I had planned to do did not get done. Isn’t that always the way?

I think the kids are ready to start school. They are bored. Freckle Face will be going back to our Christian Day school at our church, and my older two will be staying home. I do wish they were all home with me again this year, but we will see how this plays out. It may work out well. At least, that is what I am hoping for.

Last night my husband and I had to play nice with a bunch of people that we don’t know from local area commands. It isn’t our most favorite thing on the planet to do, but one of those necessary “show our faces” kind of things. It wasn’t all bad. The food was good. I was making light conversation with another woman about our kids.  Homeschooling always, always comes into the conversation. When you are talking to people you don’t know, why does the question “where are you kids going to go to school?” always come up? I don’t get it. Then, why does the conversation always, always drift into the realm of “I could never do that” OR, my favorite, “I knew this one homeschooler mom who was crazy”.

First of all,  no one is asking you to homeschool your kids, and I am not critical of your education choices. Secondly, everyone knows someone who is crazy. They may homeschool or they may not. I really wanted to say those things but, of course,  refrained and behaved myself.  I guess when you are doing something out of the ordinary people are going to have opinions. I could tell there was more that wanted to be said, but wasn’t. I appreciate that too.

I am still confident that this is the right thing to do for my kiddos. I just wish that I had a little more summer left. I would rather just take my shoes off and lie in the shade. Wouldn’t you?