Blackberry pictures 008

I took the kids blackberry picking the other day. This year the blackberries are very good. We have had little rain and a lot of warm temps which makes the berries big, sweet, and juicy.  We went to our usual picking location, and unfortunately, many other people had already been there. It was kind of disappointing. We had to work hard for the berries. The kids burned out quickly. I am sure the 90 degree day didn’t help matters any.

Blackberry pictures 009

And so, while I was busy picking (even though this is what they wanted to do), I found them relaxing in the shade eating the few berries that they had already picked. Stinkers.

My dad had decided to come with us and he had a better idea.

Blackberry pictures 007

Before I go any further, I must direct your attention to the handy-dandy-fancy-schmancy-blackberry containment unit he is carrying. This is an old milk  jug from which he removed the top. He then threaded a rope through a couple of holes so that it will hang around his neck. Now, he can pick blackberries with both hands and it goes much faster. It really does too. I should have followed his example. He was also smart and wore jeans and tennis shoes. My legs are good and scratched since I put comfort over safety. He told me it is because he is a “master black berry picker”. I believe it too. He filled his bowl as fast as we did and there were four of us. Well, never mind. The kids were sitting in the shade.

Anyway, his good idea was to change locations. He directed us to his old stomping grounds a few miles away. It was much better picking. I have a feeling that we were the first ones there, and the berries we picked were fabulous. I was able to fill my bowl in half the time even without the fancy-schmancy blackberry picker. The kids managed to fill their bellies.

Now, I have a freezer full of blackberries. I don’t make jam because I am lazy, but the blackberries keep very nice in the freezer if I flash freeze them on cookie sheets. I use them all year in my yogurt and on our cereal. I made a kuchen and may head out one more time to get some more for some pies. I just love this time of year.