My oldest son left for his ELS Youth Convention on Thursday. This is his first one. Our synod does allow for those going into 8th grade to go to the convention, but I am one of those mean moms that make them wait until after they are confirmed to go. It was good enough when I was a teenager, so it is good enough for him. Besides, it is kind of a rite of passage into youth-hood, in my ever so humble opinion. 

Apparently, he is having a really good time. I got a call from my friend, who happens to be chaperoning, to tell me that he is cracking her up because he is having so much fun. I am glad that he is having such a good time, and I am glad that I didn’t ruin it for him.

You see, I had to find a ride for him to get to the convention. It is a close one this year. Perfect for a first time convention goer. Not like it really seems to bother him. (Man, that homeschooling really keeps him down, doesn’t it?)

Anyway, to get to my point, while he was waiting for his ride I asked him a really embarrassing question. (No, I am not going to tell it again because I embarrassed him enough.) It just slipped out. I couldn’t help it. It was one of those horrible momisms that just came flowing out of my mouth like the Suquamish River after a hard rain. I realized my mistake as soon as I said. I tried to make up for it, by saying something stupid like “oh, sheesh, I can’t help it. I forget that you are almost 15.”

To make matters even worse, another mom there just couldn’t let the stupid thing go. Yes! I embarrassed him! Let it go, woman! Let’s make Tressa feel as bad as she possibly can before she sends her son off for a weekend. I am new at this teenager thing. Besides, he has embarrassed me plenty in his 14 years of life. I think I am allowed to pay it back in some form. If I never embarrassed him, he may not want to ever leave the house, and then where would we be? Exactly.

So, that is my confession. I embarass my son.  I forget that I have a teenager. I don’t feel old enough to have a teenager. How is it that I forget that he is a teenager even though I am looking at him eye to eye?  Whatever. I am sure that there are going to be many more times that I embarass him. Don’t all good moms embarass their kids at some point? I hope so because I still feel kind of bad about it. It is probably a good thing that he has a few days away from me to forget all about it. This is why I will never chaperone a youth convention while my kids are attending. You never know what will come out of my mouth.