So, I did mention in my earlier bullet post that Freckle Face got some new orthotics. I finally got around to taking a picture of them. I asked him if I could take a picture of him in them and at first he declined. Then I begged, pleaded and bribed him until he agreed. You need to see them on to appreciate what a trooper he is.


Now, these have not been cut at the toes like they usually are, so they are too long. That was done on purpose to allow him a lot of room for growth. Since he isn’t supposed to wear them out of the house it doesn’t really matter. If he was going to wear them all day, they would be cut to fit better. He is supposed to sleep in these too. Crazy, I know. Would you be able to sleep in these things? Not me. Fortunately, the physical therapist gets it and understands if that doesn’t happen.

These AFO’s keep his foot continually stretched. They lift his toes up. Pull your toes up 5 degrees and leave them there. That is what he gets to feel while he is wearing them. Never mind that his poor feet don’t want to do it. He really is a trooper. He doesn’t fight me when I tell him that it is time to put them on. He will wear them for a hour then he will start asking to take them off. We are trying to stretch the time a little. I know that he is getting a good stretch because it is hard for him to walk when he takes them off. 

He reluctantly let me take another picture of him.  Yes, he dresses himself. How did you guess? But, man, he is a cutie.