How about some bullet blogging? Nothing much exciting happening. I go through my daily life thinking. Oh, I should really blog about that, but then I sit down at my computer and can’t remember what it was I was going to say. Hmm..


  • Freckle Face has new orthotics. Fancy schmancy expensive orthotics. He doesn’t like them at all, but he doesn’t say as much. I just know by the way his demeanor changes while he wears them. He becomes very quiet and kind of sad. It makes me kind of sad.


  • Spent almost 2 hours at PSD the other day. My ID card was going to expire and it was a do it or not be able to get on the base kind of situation, so we did it. It is always a joy, but I can tell you it is easier than it was in the “16 years ago old days”. Not faster, but easier. For my civilian friends, it is like going to the DMV times 5. (I was going to say 10, but it isn’t quite that bad.)


  • Went and saw the new Transformers movie tonight. Pretty much zero plot, but if you like loud explosions and robots then, well, this movie is for you. I don’t mind them, but they aren’t my favorites.  Oh, but just a little side note, some of the movie was filmed on the USS John C. Stennis during the time that my husband was on board.  I kept waiting for something exciting to happen on it since it was this big “to do” while they were filming, but I wasn’t impressed. I won’t say anymore because I don’t want to ruin it for you, but when you see the movie just know that my handsome hubby was on that ship. Does that make him an extra?


  • I am trying very hard not to get worked up over the whole “cap and trade” nonsense that the house passed last week. I even played the good citizen and called my representative to urge him to vote no. At the time I called he was apparently “undecided”. Obviously my call did little good because he ended up voting yes.


  • I am one month into my summer and I have one week planned of the next school year. Yippee! I am so on the ball. My goal is to have the year planned so that I can hand the plans to my peoples and they can do the work. Discipline. I need a good smack of discipline. But the weather is so nice, and there are so many good books to read. I am also rethinking ancient history. It just seems so boring right now.


  • Organ lessons are going well. As long as the fingering is written on the music, I do all right. My teacher is my friend, so it is pretty fun. Actually, her kids were the first kids I ever babysat. I was 11. So, we go way back. Anyway, she thinks I am ready for offertory. haha. No. But at least no one is singing during that, but the offertory is all about timing. I am horrible with timing. It goes like this in my brain.”Oh, shoot! How long do I have? How many rows left? Should I play the last page or skip ahead to the last measure? Shoot! I messed up. Oh, crap, where was I?” See? It is a mess. I am not ready for all that pressure yet.

I think that about covers it. Have a gret weekend! Happy Birthday, America!