Our final destination was the Redw0od forest. I can not remember the last time I was rendered speechless, but I was speechless. My pictures do not do the amazing trees justice. They were awe inspiring. I just wanted to plop myself down in the middle of the woods and stare at them.


I am looking through my pictures and I am noticing that I didn’t take very many. It must have been because I was too busy  trying to pick my jaw up off of the ground.

Nathan redwood

We are going back anyway. So, it is all good.

Nathan redwood 2

This next picture of the family was taken inside of a tree. It is the “Corkscrew Tree”. It grew in a twist and this smaller tree is inside of the larger tree.


Oh, lookee, I took a picture of it.


Well, that picture doesn’t do it justice. If at any time you have the opportunity to visit these majestic trees, you must go for it. There really are no words.