Since we are homeschooling two of our hooligans next year, my husband encouraged me to attend the homeschool convention because they have motivated me in the past. I was a little hesitant to go, but Miller Pads and Paper was going to be there. I love that booth. I also thought that I could pick up some of the curriculum that I needed.

Well, I have to say that I was a wee bit disappointed. I guess when you start out with the FPEA convention in Florida nothing else can compare. Oh, there were a lot of booths, but not much for sale. I did drop $50 at Miller Pads and Paper, but that was easy. There were 2 booths selling various homeschool books, but most everyone else was either selling themselves or just had one product to look at and then you could order. That wasn’t what I wanted. I already know what I am doing for next year and had a specific list in my hand. If I am going to order, I may as well do that at home.  I guess it would be good if I was a new homeschooler and  didn’t know what I was going to do, but I am not. I also am past the stage of buying side workbooks such as Wordly Wise and Critical Thinking books. I am not knocking those kinds of books, but when you are on a budget there isn’t money for that. Plus, they are kind of just busy work. Better for the younger grades, in my humble opinion.

 It is kind of interesting to see how my homeschooling has changed. How it has changed since I began and after taking  a year off. The awful question “Am I doing enough?” has been answered with a definitive “Yes!” I don’t find the need to purchase the extras anymore.

So, I wandered around awhile, and when I realized that there just wasn’t anything else I wanted to look at, I left. Besides, I was starving. And needed a coffee in a big. bad. way.

How the heck do bird droppings fit into this? Well, I had to stop at the store on my way home. I was in the store 5 minutes. 5. I came out and there were 3 big piles of bird droppings on my car. It was almost like the birds dive bombed and mistook my car for a toilet. I looked up to see if I was parked under a tree. Nope. I wasn’t even close to the building. They  seriously took aim for my car, and it was a bulls-eye. I looked at the other cars. Nope, it was just mine. I am just lucky like that, I guess. I need to go play the lottery.