We spent the first day of our vacation in Astoria, OR. You know the place. You have seen it in The Goonies and Kindergarten Cop. Actually, we found The Goonies house. Did you know that it is on a steep hill? I didn’t either. We walked up to the house because Goonies on foot were welcome, but I felt very uncomfortable traipsing around someone’s private property. It also doesn’t look anything like the house in the movie. It must be camera angles and all that. On our way back down the hill, another resident was coming up in his car. He stopped and asked us if we saw the house. We said we did. He asked us if we took any of the Goonie money. No, we didn’t. I told him I felt uncomfortable trespassing on private property. He scoffed and said that easily 100 people a day walk around up at the house. 100 people a day?  I guess if you are going to live in the Goonie house you have to expect visitors.

We also drove by the elementary school of Kindergarten Cop. Again, it looks much bigger in the movie. Much bigger. I am beginning to believe in that thing they call movie magic. We could have driven by the hotel they stayed in too, but I was disenfranchised enough already.

We also visited Fort Clatsop. Now, this was cool. This was the place that Lewis and Clark spent the winter of 1806 after finishing their journey across the county.



We also stopped by Fort Stevens. Apparently, they claim the only attack on US soil since the war of 1812. During the Second World War, a Japanese sub fired on the area. No one was hurt and we did not return fire. The fort reminded me a lot of the Fort Warden in Port Townsend. P6050546

We also visited the Astoria Column. The column is the final column in a series of 12 commissioned by a very rich man back a long time ago. (I read the brochure a week ago. I can’t really remember the details.) The column was being repaired and so we couldn’t climb to the top. That was a bummer, but it was rainy and cloudy. We probably didn’t miss much.

And because it was our first night camping we were determined to have some smores. Raining or not.