I would love to have a garden. When I was a kid, my parents had a huge garden. They grew strawberries, corn, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, and a lot of other stuff. My grandfather grew everything that would grow here including vegetables that no child wants to eat. Things like kale, swiss chard, and maybe even rutabaga.

I, however, do not have the space for a garden at my present location. Oh, I suppose if I was really serious I could look into square foot gardening and garden a little bit. I guess I am not that serious, or lazy, or both.

Last year, I did mention to a friend that I would love to have some rhubarb at my house. I love rhubarb. When I was a kid I would pick it off the bush at my aunt’s house and eat it raw. Nope, I didn’t know the leaves were poisonous at the time, but I must have always stopped before I made it to the leaf. My taste buds were probably going to fall off.  Well, my friend gave me a couple of rhubarb starts this past spring. I was so excited thinking that I was going to have fresh rhubarb this summer. I didn’t realize that it would be a year before it would be ready. It is doing pretty well though. See.


Ignore the surrounding weeds. We don’t care about those. I am excited because my rhubarb is triple the size it was when I put it in.

My other wee bit of gardening is a hanging strawberry plant.


There is even going to be a ripe strawberry soon. I probably won’t ever have enough strawberries for shortcake, but I will just take a couple ripe ones from the plant to enjoy. It is fun. You know who else enjoys my strawberry plant? A little mountain chickadee. Stinking little thing had a nest in the pot before we even had it home two days. She was busy and laid four eggs.


They should be hatching any day now. That is if they are even viable. It is kind of hard to water my plant with her sitting there, but we do. It was our strawberry plant before it was her nesting site. You wanna know the really silly thing? We have a bird house right next door that is sitting empty. So I don’t feel bad for her. She should have used better judgement. She could have even used the hanging flower plant one fence post over. I am guessing that I have a lazy bird and she plans on feeding her babies with my strawberries. Why shop for food when you can live in the grocery store, right? Silly birds.