My dear husband has been talking of retirement lately. He can retire in three years if he so chooses. He will have completed 22 years in the Navy by then. (holy garbage that is a long time!)What does he want to do? Should he get his Master’s before he gets out? Should we stay here or move? Then there is..

Do you think I should stay in and try to do 30?

Heaven help me, I am not answering that question. I feel like I am living in the twilight zone and we are back at his 10 year mark trying to decide if he should stay in or get out. All of you that are past your 10 year mark know exactly the conversation I am talking about. Once you are past 10, you may as well finish it out. For those of you that aren’t at the 10 year mark yet, let me just say that the second 10 go much faster than the first 10. They are much better too.

Anyway, so would I want him to stay in?  Hmmm…tough question. I am not going to make the decision for him. I am not the one that has to go to work everyday. I did tell him that I would not be adverse to moving again which surprised him, I think. I wouldn’t mind trying Tennessee on for size. Just keep me out of California which is hard when you are in the Navy and already on the west coast.

I am not very stressed about the whole thing. It is a couple of years away yet.  We all  just know how much I love the unknown. I think it will be OK this time.