That is all that I have left. I am pretty sad about it. I sat at her piano today and wanted to cry. Partially because I am just really tired and partially because I am not going to be able to play on her beautiful piano anymore.

I am bummed that I didn’t get through all the inventions. I am basically finished with the Mozart stuff we were working on. We were going to move to Chopin next! That is so upsetting. I wanted to play Chopin. I supppose that I could get a book and work some of it out on my own, but I know that I will miss all the little things that make the music so much better.

She told me that I could easily teach beginning piano students. She said with my homeschool mom background that I could slide into teaching without much trouble. Notice I only said beginning piano students. She said that she would help me set up my studio which is a huge compliment to me, and it completely knocked my socks off. However, I don’t plan on setting up a studio.

Anyway, I am not giving up on my piano. I will get to play more of what I want to play. Czerny? Who has ever heard of that guy, right? Right. But, I am going to miss my lessons. A lot.