Barney has served us well for 10 years. We have driven that poor van everywhere. Let’s see here.

  • Chicago to Seattle. And back
  • Chicago to Connecticut. And back.
  • Chicago to Seattle. And back.
  • Chicago to Connecticut. And back.
  • Chicago to Florida. And back. (house hunting)
  • Chicago to Florida. (PCS move)
  • Jacksonville to Connecticut. And back. Did we do this twice?
  • Jacksonville to Seattle. (PCS move)

So, Barney has literally been across the country a few times. He was a good car. I am kind of sad to see him go. Smiley girl was so little when we bought him that she sat in the integrated car seats. Lots of memories. You know what is the best thing about Barney? He is a mess. A big mess. If the kids spill something. Who cares?

Now we have to figure out what to buy. Fortunately, the Navy finally decided to pay my husband for his advancement that happened 11 months ago. (No, we don’t get retroactive back pay. It would be nice, but we don’t.) People are telling me that we should get a good deal because the dealers want to move cars. I don’t believe it. We walk into a car dealership and they see “easy sale”. I don’t think that we have ever had a great deal on a car. I don’t think we have ever been cheated, but I have never wanted to brag about the great deal we got either.

I thought that I might want a crossover, but after having all the space of the van I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind another van, but which one? Some vans are really expensive. $30,000 for a car just isn’t going to happen. We have teenagers now. I can’t fit them into a Honda Civic either. Oh, what to get.

Any ideas?