I just don’t want to blog because I am just too lazy to upload any pictures. I know that posts look so much better when there are pictures involved. 

Oh, my! I just realized that I have fairly recent pictures on my now dead lap top. (Long story, 50% my fault, 50% kids’ fault) Yikes! Now, you really aren’t getting pictures. There were pictures of my smiley girl’s birthday, too. MAN! I knew there was a reason why I don’t ever delete anything off of the camera. I am shmart, I tell ya!

I was in Borders today and thought of something weird about myself that I should blog about. I said to myself, “I should really write that down.” Did I write it down? No. So, now I can’t remember. You would think that it would be about books, but I don’t know. Maybe.

This is volunteer appreciation week. Tomorrow is the big spring awards for the organization that I volunteer for. I am going to be so, so, SO glad when this is over. I have been working on it for over a month. To have it done will give me great joy.

I haven’t been practicing the piano much lately, and my fingers itch because of it. I walk by a piano and want to play it. It pains me to see the baby grand at the Navy Hospital draped in its black protective cover. I have only had the pleasure of its music once before.   I did manage to sneak into church today and play for awhile on theirs. I am working on Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca. I am sure you know it. It is the piece that Mr. Bingley’s sister plays at the ball after Mary Bennett is asked to give someone else a turn to show off her gifts. Ms. Bingley sits down at the piano and just whips it on the piano forte. With attitude, I might add. (A & E version of Pride and Predjudice)  I bought  my smiley girl a Hannah Montana piano book in the hopes that I might bribe her to sit down and play a little more. Most of the songs have three flats. She saw that and gave up. I even put in all the fingering for her. sigh. I guess they aren’t going to love the piano as much as me.

I strongly dislike American Idol. Just thought y’all might want to know that.

I don’t watch much news anymore. I started reading again instead. As in books. Scary, I know. Right now I am reading “Thursday Next”. I think. I read “Girl with a Pearl Earring” (liked it), “Vanishing Acts” (pretty good, predictable, made me cringe once), “Firefly Lane” (irritating but good, made me cry then angry because I cried over a book). It does feel good to be reading again.

Last night I was watching different math DVD samples. My hubby told me I was a nerd because I was watching the Calculus ones and trying to solve the problems. I don’t care what he thinks. Math is kind of fun. Then I went to the math section of books at Borders and flipped through a few books. Yeah, it isn’t that fun. Oh, wait, there was one book that looked cool. It was how to big problems in your head. It showed the phonetic code for numbers. I really should have written down the title.

Now, my kids are watching Underdog and telling their father how bad it is. His reply, “Just because they don’t morph into a hedgehog-dragon hybrid doesn’t mean it is a bad cartoon.”  I don’t know, I think it is pretty bad.  I think that I will just go get some ice cream for everyone. Then I will be the hero.