210px-georg_friedrich_haendel I have talked before about Handel’s “Messiah”. I love it. I could listen to it everyday. For some reason, people seem to associate the Messiah with Christmas. I think it is even better suited for Easter. After all, the Hallelujah Chorus corresponds to Easter morning and not Christmas morning. Anyway, because I listen to it all the time in the car, the kids are becoming more familiar with the music. I find them singing along to more of the songs which makes me quite giddy.

I decided to issue them a little challenge. I challenged them to find all the Bible verses that make up all the songs in the Messiah. I called it “The Messiah Challenge”. I told them that I would reward them when it was complete. I went frugal and offered them $15 when they were finished. I told them the only thing they could not do was run to Pastor and ask him for the verses. (He has written a study on The Messiah, and they know it.) No one was very interested in it until my daughter decided she wanted a new Webkinz and that seemed to be the only way to get mom to buy her one.

I think the task was a little overwhelming for her until it dawned on her that we have a very exhaustive concordance in our home library. She came to me one day and said, “Mom! I know what I can do! I can look up the Bible verses in the concordia!”  I didn’t have the heart to correct her.

She is now about half way through her research project. She has managed to find most of them by herself with just a little help from me on a couple of the more difficult ones. Really, how often do we read Haggai? I am proud of her. It is a lot of work for a measly little $15. If I was truly a cool mom, I would raise the reward, but I am not that cool. I think she is starting to enjoy it, and that is what I really wanted them to get out of it anyway.