I went clothes shopping today with my daughter. She needed an Easter dress, and I just need it all. We did some shopping for her. She was giddy with delight. She loves shopping for clothes, but then, she is still at the stage where everything still kind of fits her. Lucky. It was fun watching her shop and try on clothes.

Then it was my turn. I grabbed a bunch of clothes because I have to try on a lot of clothes before I find anything that looks half way decent on me. We have discussed the pant dilema more than once, I think. Anyway, I found a pair of black dress pants that fit me so well! I was ecstatic! I didn’t even look at the price because I was going to buy them regardless. I then asked my daughter if she would like to be my personal shopper.

“Oh, yes!” She said.

“Great!” I asked her to go out and find me a pair of jeans that were the same brand as the dress slacks.

“Ok, mommy! I will be right back!”

I waited and tried on a couple other things that I had brought back. A dress that looked nice and some other pants that did not.

“Mommy, I am back! I couldn’t find any plain jeans, but I did find some that have some gold sequins on the bottom of them,” she said. These are pants that she would have picked out for herself.

“Oh, Ok.  Those are cute.  They look like something you would wear,  but I think I will try them on anyway. You never know.”

She smiles . “Ok, mom. I didn’t know what size to get you, so I just grabbed a 4 and a 6 because I thought that looked right.”

Ahhh..you sweet, delightful daughter. I love you.