It has been awhile, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. I think that I have a confession that isn’t much of a confession because I think that you are all going to agree with me. That is OK. There is safety in numbers.

I hate science fair projects. Ok, I said hate. If my kids read this they would be all over me, but I really, really dislike them to the tenth power. You know, while I am at it, I am just going to add in all projects; science or otherwise.

I understand the purpose of a science fair project. It can give a child an opportunity to show their vast knowledge in science and win big scholarship prizes, but we are talking about my family here. Personally, I think the purpose of a science project is to make kids, and of course, their parents, do the work at home that hasn’t been done at school.  How many science experiments have been done so far this year inside of the classroom? Most likely very few. To make it so that it doesn’t have to be done at school, they assign it to be done at home with a happy parent, or in my case a grumpy parent.

I also want to make it known that I understand that it is the point to teach the scientific method. But again, that can be taught at school.  How many times have they practiced using the scientifc method at school before they have been sent home to work on it?

I realize that I sound a little grumpy here, but that is the point of a confession. Projects make me grumpy and I am confessing it. Ok. Off to get DNA from spinach, measure goldfish respiration, and see what foods taste bad after brushing teeth. (Thank goodness I am just the food slicer on that one.)

Man, I miss homeschooling. If we were homeschooling we could take a whole week day to do this instead of using our weekend. Homeschooling rocks!