I taught Sunday School this morning.  We are using this wonderful cirriculum from Pax Domini Press. I have to tell you how much I love this study.  It follows the liturgical church year and incorporates so much into each week. This week we studied the wedding at Cana. I had to really study for the lesson (which I loved) and I even had an ephiphany.

But, my favorite thing about this cirriculum is the depth of each study. It goes further than just telling the story. It makes the kids think. You see, my church has a Christian Day school and 80% of the kids in my class attend the school. They can rattle off the Bible stories like nobody’s business. I always felt bad for the other 20% of the kids because they never got the chance to spit out the answers. But now! Now, everyone is stumped. I just love making these kids dig a little deeper.

As an example, today we studied from the prophet Joel and Amos. When was the last time I studied from Joel and Amos? I can’t even tell you.  We even studied some art work and discussed the how they related to our story today. I recommend it if anyone is looking for something.