I am so glad! No cavities for any of my kids for the second year in a row. I can not tell you how happy it makes me to hear those words from the dentist. Especially since most dentists now only use the white ceramic fillings and Tricare doesn’t cover them very well. Saves my pocket book some money. (haha. I said “pocketbook”) Their lack of cavities could be the flouride, the sealants or my awesome genes. Yeah, I  am going with my awesome genes. That way when the kids get mad at me about something I can come back say, “Oh yeah! Well, I gave you awesome genes that gave you great teeth so you don’t get cavaties. So there!”  Yeah, I like that.

You know why else this makes me happy? Because the orthodontist is always giving my son grief about the cleanliness of his teeth.  My son would kill me if he knew that I was writing this, but even if I go in there and get them clean they give him grief.  I know how to brush freaking teeth. So, anyway, I have that in my court now. Granted, his gums are quite unhappy having all that stuff glued on his teeth, but the dentist said that once the braces come off it will be fine. He just shrugged it off. You know, I am really starting to like this dentist. I first thought that he was a little over the top because the first time I took the kids there he wanted to fill these itty bitty cavities. We did it, but I thought it may have been a little ridiculous. Happily  he leaves us alone now and doesn’t harp on me about the kids flossing. Because we all know that when we were all 11 years old we flossed our teeth religiously. *snort*  I remember wetting the tooth brush so that my parents would think I brushed my teeth. Gross, I know, but don’t try and tell me that you didn’t ever try and pull something like that, and besides, I didn’t get my first cavity until I was pregnant. So, there.

So. No cavities. I am one happy camper right now. Too bad I have to make an appointment to get my wisdom teeth pulled. That kind of takes the wind out of my sails a little. Maybe I should just leave them there and see if I can squeak a little more wisdom out of them. Yeah, I like that idea.